The environment, one of our main concerns

The question of the environment and sustainable development are today matters that are omnipresent and must be dealt with. That is why for many years now, the IDEC GROUP has included environmental engineers, who work solely on these matters, and who become involved early on in the projects before monitoring developments throughout the design and construction phases.

Support from the start of the project

The increasingly strict rules and regulations concerning the environment mean you have to be well prepared in advance. In order to respect the laws concerning environmental protection, the IDEC GROUP takes care of the necessary paperwork from the start of the project for its industrial clients in order for them to obtain the required business permits. That is why the environmental engineers in the Group work alongside them to draw up the official paperwork and applications for permits including the environmental impact and risk assessments.

“ The better a building fits in with its environment, the longer the lifespan for the construction, the development and encouragement of green construction, innovation and sustainable investment ”
That is the clear and firm position that the IDEC GROUP fights for, as we prepare for energy change, and show our commitment towards future generations.
Sustainable and certified buildings

Relying on working together on research to get the best outcome, the IDEC GROUP aims to design buildings that are increasingly sustainable. To achieve this, they help their clients reduce their energy consumption, the use of natural resources and the carbon footprint of their future building and work alongside them on setting up renewable energies (geothermal, wood burning, solar panels, wind turbines) and on obtaining HQE, BREEAM or LEED certification for their buildings.


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