Partner of choice for local authorities

The IDEC GROUP works with public partners on local planning with the creation of thriving business areas and in so doing creates jobs. With almost 700 hectares already planned, the IDEC GROUP stands out as a reference figure when designing attractive business parks.
The IDEC GROUP has positioned itself as the partner of choice for local authorities.
We offer all our know-how when carrying out local planning projects, while respecting deadlines. We transform brown field sites, new areas and green field sites into job creation areas.
Using the best land we can find, with our partners, we design ambitious projects satisfying all the local requirements.

The scope of what we do

The IDEC GROUP carries out planning projects for all sorts of land. In conjunction with local authorities, we come up with programmes suited to local and regional needs. Business parks for SMEs, logistics parks for major warehouse projects close to main roads and motorways, and office units close to towns.

Our job

Thanks to our all-round knowledge, we can guarantee the thriving development of your towns and cities with high value projects, both in terms of jobs and local life. We are your sole contact from the initial design of your project to the detailed drawings, paperwork, technical and legal documents and the management of the work required to develop the land.
After that we can work with you on its development and the design and construction of the plots.


The IDEC GROUP works alongside you on the financing of your local planning adding high potential value. We look after all of the investment linked to the survey work, the official paperwork and carrying out all the work to enable firms to have quality plots at their disposal to develop their business activities.



FAUBOURG PROMOTION has become a reference figure in the planning and development of business, logistics and commercial parks. FAUBOURG PROMOTION is the contact of choice for firms wishing to step up their growth in thriving business locations, which are ideally located. Today it offers 14 programmes, where each client’s property project is designed and built according to their requirements. The firm also works with public bodies on the development of their local area, designing, planning and developing high quality business parks and property programmes.

Date of creation
350 ha
Planned or being planned
Programmes being developed
Members of staff

“The idea behind Faubourg Promotion is primarily to ensure the clients are satisfied.”


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