PHARMADEC is evolving and has become IDEC SANTE

PHARMADEC is evolving and has become IDEC SANTE

PHARMADEC is evolving and has become IDEC SANTE 1620 620 GROUPE IDEC

PHARMADEC is evolving and has become IDEC SANTE

26 March 2019
For almost twenty years, PHARMADEC has been working with those involved in the life sciences and well-being sectors. In order to meet fully the requirements of its clients offering them high quality projects, where deadlines and costs are respected, the firm is changing and has become IDEC SANTE.


A change to build what is required for our health

The change from PHARMADEC to IDEC SANTE expresses the desire of the IDEC GROUP and its directors to develop the means to accompany its clients even more as they build highly technical projects. “Whether we are looking at health centres, pharmaceutical or cosmetics labs, we have put in place a new organisation aiming to offer a high quality service to our clients,” explained Tony MORAIS, Managing Director of IDEC SANTE and IDEC. “We are building on the knowledge and skills that PHARMADEC has acquired over the past twenty years with a hundred or so projects, as we go a step further in the development of IDEC SANTE, in order to take up the challenges given to us by our clients as they develop more ambitious and fascinating projects.”

Increasing collaboration between IDEC SANTE and IDEC


This change to IDEC SANTE is an example of our desire to bring together the skills, expertise, procedures and work with IDEC managed by Tony MORAIS. “All of the procedures we have developed over the past twenty years with our logistics clients, have made IDEC the leader in its market with BIM, R&D, Quality control and Maintenance, which are features I would like to include in all of the projects carried out by IDEC SANTE. We wish to offer an even better response to satisfy the needs of our clients, whether they are industrial, economic or organisational.”

Experts in health, the life sciences and cosmetics


IDEC SANTE will continue to rely on the men and women who thanks to their expert technical knowledge have made PHARMADEC a well-known specialist, as Yves TAYEB, Director of Development in France and abroad for IDEC SANTE, explains. “Our strength comes from our teams, who have been part of this great adventure for many years. Pharmacists, health and cosmetics experts and of course, experts in equipment, flows, as well as architects, BIM Managers, environmental and energy engineers, specialists in clean rooms, building economists, as well as our foremen and site managers, will be doing their utmost to satisfy our clients.” IDEC SANTE can now rely on a team of 50 people working in perfect harmony with those at IDEC.

Accompanying you with advice, through the design / construction, certification and maintenance


IDEC SANTE will stand out once again with made-to-measure support from the birth of its clients’ projects. “Thanks to our knowledge, we are able to advise our clients and working alongside them can supply detailed functional plans, which can be the foundations for their future projects,” added Yves TAYEB, before concluding, “We then carry out detailed design work with them in two phases (work surveys +/- 10% followed by the final detailed plans for a fixed price) before starting work on the construction of their project, its certification, commissioning and maintenance.”

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