Full support throughout

The IDEC GROUP with its specialist subsidiaries and partners present around Europe can offer a made-to-measure solution to their clients with the development, design and construction of all sorts of property projects.

Business parks, logistics units, industrial, service sector and commercial premises or buildings for those involved in life sciences, cosmetics and health… All of these projects can benefit from the know-how acquired by the IDEC GROUP in France working with major firms from the business world. They offer full support throughout to enable their clients to feel at ease and focus on the development of their own core business.









A subsidiary and dedicated teams

The IDEC GROUP is present in Switzerland with a specialist subsidiary based in Matran. This business and its construction experts offer their clients all of the types of work done by the Group, including the development of business property, the design and construction of turnkey projects involving all sorts of properties, through to the financing of the property being built. Thanks to this local presence, the IDEC GROUP is able to adapt to the special requirements in terms of the norms that apply.

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A wealth of local knowledge

Spain is a major focus for the IDEC GROUP and its teams as they seek to develop abroad. Thanks to local partners who fully understand the special requirements of the country, the IDEC GROUP is studying several major development projects to work with its clients on the construction of their future facilities.

Whether we are looking at French clients who wish to set up premises in Spain or local businesses, the IDEC GROUP does its utmost to come up with a suitable solution.

Local partners for highly technical projects

With its international teams, the IDEC GROUP offers full support throughout to its clients who wish to set up premises in Sweden. A highly technical project is currently being built for ELIS, and its subsidiary, ELIS CLEANROOM, which specialises in the hire and maintenance of contamination control solutions for clean rooms. This latest project follows on from their first, highly successful joint project involving the construction of an industrial factory for the manufacture of clean and sterile products near Paris.

Full understanding of local requirements

Thanks to its local presence and partners based in the country, the IDEC GROUP is able to work with its clients on the construction of all of their property projects. This local base allows them to get to grips with local requirements and the norms that apply when building property projects in Italy. The IDEC GROUP is able to capitalise on the know-how it has acquired around Europe having built large-scale and increasingly technical projects for its clients.


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The GROUPE IDEC and PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA (PSA) are launching a new large-scale programme in Southern Andalusia. It is ideally located at the crossroads between the ports of Malaga and Algeciras and the Atlantic and Mediterranean rail corridors, making it the new benchmark XXL logistics and industrial zone in Spain.
With world-class infrastructures and direct access to the largest transport networks, it has all the assets to facilitate the expansion of your logistics or industrial activity in Spain, towards Europe and the rest of the world, including all the North African ports.
The Park has been designed from the outset around an ambitious eco-friendly strategy. It seeks to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint, and by using all the sustainable energy sources incorporated in the Park, it will produce more energy than it consumes.


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