Advice for your first purchase

Advice for your first purchase

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Advice for your first purchase

26 April 2019
Deciding to take the plunge and purchase property for the first time often raises a lot of questions and worries. Faubourg Immobilier offers some advice to first-time buyers.

Faubourg Immobilier has worked with first-time buyers for many years. Thanks to this experience, the firm can give you some useful advice about your first property purchase.

First time buyers need to think everything through

Before leaping in and buying your first property, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Think about drawing up a list of positive and negative points for each decision. In practice, the following general questions need to be answered clearly:

  •  A new build or older property?
    •    Flat or house?
    •    Location
    •    A home or an investment

Knowing what you want and where it can be found enables you to get to grips with your project and advance step by step towards the completion.

First time buyers: get all the info about how to finance your project

Financing, down payment, interest rates, monthly payments… First time buyers discover a new vocabulary that is not always easy to understand when making their first property purchase. Do not forget that many banks require a down payment before granting you a loan. You should see your banker or financial assistant to help you through this stage. These approved and qualified advisors will offer vital help. Take advantage of the competition by visiting several different banks or building societies to find the best rates, services, insurances, etc.

NB: Read our news stories to see what is going on in the sector and the solutions that are availble to you.

Help for first time buyers

A lot of different help can be available to first-time buyers depending on the country involved. In France there is the zero interest rate loan (the Prêt à Taux Zéro). This is a loan without any interest payments. You need to fulfil certain conditions to benefit from this. Visit the French goverrnment’s official website.

In Frane, your employer may also contribute to financing up to 30% of your property project with the “Prêt Action Logement” (a 1% loan to acquire your home). Talk to your HR department about this possibility to find out more.

What are ways are there of benefiting from advantageous rates? If you buy property  or invest in new property in an area chosen for renovation by the Agence Nationale pour la Rénovation Urbaine or in a priority area (Quartier Prioritaire de la politique de la Ville). With these you can benefit from a VAT reduction, going from 20% down to just 5.5%.

Call on the services of a property professional

Whether you are talking about acquiring your home or wish to invest and let property, Faubourg Immobilier will be there throughout your new property project. We design, build and sell property projects with homes for all sorts of people. Get in touch with our team and they will be pleased to work alongside you throughout your project.



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