All you need to know about green districts

All you need to know about green districts

All you need to know about green districts 540 380 GROUPE IDEC
All you need to know about green districts
7 May 2019
The creation of a national label “ÉcoQuartier” stresses the value of responsible measures taken in the design and construction of housing based on criteria associated with sustainable development. Faubourg Immobilier explains more about these green districts. 

What is a green district?

In 2008, France launched the EcoQuartier label. This involved constructions and renovation projects which during their design and construction respected sustainable development goals. In 2012 the national EcoQuartier label consolidated these measures. Based on twenty commitments brought together in the ÉcoQuartiers charter, the label promotes and adds value to reorganisation projects and planning projects which are really sustainable, whatever their scale or context. Since 2017, the EcoQuartier has been given new impetus.

The latter rests on four priorities:

  • Universality: wider communications and the promotion of the label to encourage people to move to these districts and sign up for the EcoQuartier concept;
  • Diversity: by applying these measures to all sorts of areas: rural, suburban, sensitive areas, old centres, densely populated zones, housing estates, business parks in France and on overseas territories;
  • Innovation: the desire to make these green districts real labs for innovation offering technical support through agencies and qualified authorities;
  • Functionality: strengthening the ability to understand the label and what it means.

EcoQuartier, a project for the community

To improve the daily life of the inhabitants, the green district brings together various institutions. There are all sorts of renovation projects and they involve all the stakeholders in a town: elected representatives, businessmen and local people. The latter contribute to improving the way of life of those living there. Green districts also contribute to the economic success and development of an area. Sustainable management of resources, alternatives to the use of cars, mixture of social backgrounds, taking into account local resources… These are the aims and principles behind the green districts.

The advantages of green districts

Investing in a home within a green district offers many advantages. These projects bring together ecological, social and economic aspects to improve life for those living or working here. Buildings are certified “RT 2012”, first time buyers can benefit from tax breaks. In some areas, they may be completely exonerated from paying the local contribution to local property taxes. If you wish to invest in property to let, these homes allow you to benefit from the Pinel Law arrangements with a tax reduction from 12 to 21% of the purchase price of the property, depending on the length of time it is rented out.

If you wish to find out more about buying to rent Contact our team of experts. Take a look too at our new housing programmes at Faubourg Immobilier.

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