Complementary professions

Unique know-how

GROUPE IDEC is organised around four complementary professions guaranteeing you a comprehensive response suited to all your challenges. This is a unique approach on the real estate market, characterised by an all-encompassing vision of the planning for an area taking in the energy dimension, through to the development, construction and financing of all types of projects.

“ The strength of GROUPE IDEC lies in its complementary professions which allow us to satisfy every segment of the real estate sector. This organisation also allows us to position ourselves as the single point of contact for our customers. ”

Patrice LAFARGUE, President of GROUPE IDEC

Planning & Development

Starting from greenfield or brownfield sites, we develop initiatives together to make the land buildable for the creation of logistics, industrial and business parks. We then help businesses to develop bespoke projects.


Our builders provide you with their expertise to accomplish your most ambitious projects (logistics, industry, services, residential, life sciences, etc.). With a turnkey approach, confidently build the tool thought out to support the development of your activity.


We are in a position to invest in your real estate projects. By buying your facilities, we can offer you a leasing package enabling you to outsource your real estate assets. We also support the development of innovative professional projects.


Our experts strive to integrate the energy dimension right from the outset in the projects on which they work. This approach makes it possible to develop energy-positive spaces aiming to be carbon neutral. The buildings that set up there benefit from the same innovative treatment.

A major player in the real estate sector
Complementary professions
Active innovator
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