Patronage & Sponsoring


Right from our creation, we have been committed to promoting our staff’s wellbeing to allow them to find a good work-life balance.
As a committed enterprise, we support causes that we hold dear, notably the Institut du Cerveau (Brain Institute) at whose side we have been working since 2007. We also make it a point of honour to support high-level sportsmen and women, in a wide range of disciplines.

“ GROUPE IDEC has based its development on societal, environmental and economic commitments. We are also aware of the need to offer our staff the best possible working surroundings and conditions to allow them to express all their talent, daring and passion to the full. ”

Patrice LAFARGUE, President of GROUPE IDEC

Key partner of the Institut du Cerveau (ICM)

Since 2007, we have actively been contributing to a variety of sponsorship initiatives, such as our support for the Institut du Cerveau (ICM), the largest research centre in the world dedicated to the search for effective treatments for damage to the nervous system.
Based in the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, the Institut du Cerveau accommodates patients, international doctors and researchers on nearly 22,000 sq.m, all working together to find solutions as quickly as possible for the terrible illnesses that are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and multiple sclerosis.
By contributing to this research at our level, we are attempting to highlight the fact that businesses cannot become disconnected from the world in which they work, and that it is also our duty – resources permitting – to strive for progress, wherever it may be.

Sport: it’s in GROUPE IDEC’s DNA

Ever since our creation, we have supported sport which is an integral part of our DNA, whether this is with motor sports with the IDEC SPORT team, team sports (basketball, football, rugby, etc.) or sailing with the multiple recordman Francis JOYON on board his maxi-trimaran IDEC SPORT.
We are also associated with the adaptive sports athlete Marie-Amélie Le FUR, quadruple World Athletics Champion and double Paralympics Champion. Since 2019, Marie-Amélie Le FUR has above all been our Sports and Health Ambassador focusing on our shared sporting values. We also support Raphaël BEAUGILLET, an adaptive sports cyclist in his quest for records.