Investing in major projects

The IDEC GROUP is well placed to finance your projects, as well as carrying out the planning, development, design and construction. Working alongside you from the start of your projects, our teams remain with you to ensure they are completed in the best possible conditions. So far, we have carried out more than a hundred such operations and take care of the rental management of more than 100,000 m² of property.

The scope of our work

The IDEC GROUP via the IDEC INVEST GROUP, its subsidiary dedicated to investment in business property, can work with you on financing your projects: offices, shops, logistics warehouses, industrial premises.

Our job

The IDEC GROUP works on every stage of your property project. From searching for land, and the purchase of a plot satisfying your requirements, our staff then do their utmost to bring together a multi-sector team to work on your project.
After a carefully thought out design process based on your requirements, we obtain the various official permits and paperwork before financing the project and starting work on the construction of your new premises.

Rental management

Once the construction of your building is complete, we take direct care of the rental, technical, financial, administrative, legal and accountancy aspects concerning your property.
This approach allows you to deal with a single contact offering technical advice, the administrative and financial management of your property as well as legal and technical support. In this way, you can fully concentrate on your business and focus your resources on developing your firm.



Date of creation
200 Km²
Members of staff

“Investor in all sorts of fields, our ambition is to offer our clients a global solution that is tailor made by offering them our full support in their long term development all with a single business contact.”

Lionel MARY, Managing Director of the IDEC INVEST GROUP

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