18 September 2019
The IDEC GROUP, all round property company has just signed an agreement to take a stake in the ER2I company This acquisition strengthens the IDEC GROUP’s position with its subsidiary IDEC SANTE in the property sector for those involved in health, the life sciences, cosmetics and research.

The IDEC GROUP’s position in the health sector strengthened

The IDEC GROUP made its stake official today with the signing of an agreement between its President and founder, Patrice LAFARGUE, and the heads of ER2I, Raphaël D’ONOFRIO and Pierre PASTORIELLO. The firm specialises in engineering and the construction of turnkey projects and works as a contractor for buildings used by those in the life sciences health and research sectors. “By acquiring a stake in ER2I, we are certainly strengthening the IDEC GROUP’s position as a major player in the creation of property for those involved in the health sector,” confirmed Patrice Lafargue.

New development opportunities for ER2I

ER2I will now be able to rely on the strength of the IDEC GROUP  and its 360 staff across France and 1500 around the globe with its various partners on all four corners of the planet. The firm can rely on the work done by the group as planner, developer, investor and designer-builder, to offer a global solution to its clients. “The stake acquired by the IDEC GROUP in our company represents a real opportunity to offer a global solution to our clients in the public and private sectors,” explained Raphaël D’ONOFRIO, Director of ER2I. “We shall be developing our business offering planning and development solutions as well as investment in the property projects desired by our clients.”

A shared goal – offering increasing satisfaction to those involved in the health sector

The ultimate goal of the IDEC GROUP and ER2I coming together is shared by both companies and all of their teams and that is to achieve one goal: offering a better and better solution to meet the requirements of those working in the health, life sciences, cosmetics, research and medtech sectors. By bringing their skills together and the know how they have acquired working with their respective clients, the IDEC GROUP and ER2I,  now have the ability to offer even better solutions to projects involving health centres, pharmaceutical, research and cosmetics labs. Covering France, the two firms are also strengthening their geographical position with ER2I historically working in Rhône-Alpes, and with the IDEC GROUP spread across ten sites in France.


1 Photo – @ Groupe Idec

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About the IDEC GROUP
Founded in 2000 by Patrice LAFARGUE, the IDEC GROUP is one of the rare all-round players  in the French property market working in every area (planning, development, investment, design and construction) and in every sector (residential, industrial, logistics, business, offices, commercial, interior design…). The IDEC GROUP can therefore offer a global and made to measure solution to its clients and partners: firms, local authorities and individuals. Well developed in France, the IDEC GROUP has over the past three years stepped up its international presence.

2000 Year of creation
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About ER2I
Founded in 2003, ER2I is an engineering firm which works with those involved in health, research and the life sciences on the design and construction of their property projects. The firm relies on its in-house teams to run highly technical projects from start to finish, from pharmaceutical factories to research centres and not forgetting operating theatres. ER2I has been working with its clients from three sites in France in Saint-Ismier (Grenoble, headquarters), Lyon and Ivry-sur-Seine as well as in North Africa with offices in Tunisia.

2003 Year of creation
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9 Million Euros of turnover in 2018

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